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Where health, wellness and beauty elegantly integrate.

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Q About Us

Vitalogy Health and Integrative Medicine is dedicated to it’s mission to provide patients with the motivation and education they need to make simple lifestyle changes that will enhance their overall well-being and improve their quality of life. We strive to be a trusted space for health and healing. We hope to nurture and support your well-being and partner with you in exceeding your health goals.

Feeling healthy inside and out plays a huge part in our lives, and we specialize in simplifying that process. Recognizing the many facets that contribute to your overall health and wellness, Vitalogy offers tailored options to optimize your health goals.

At Vitalogy, we use state of the art technology in combination with science-backed treatments to provide you with exceptional health care. You’ll enjoy a carefully crafted atmosphere of stylish elegance at our wellness boutique. We understand that feeling your best takes place on the inside and out. We hope to make the world of aesthetics more approachable and de-stigmatize the industry so our clients can embrace all aspects of wellness and celebrate the decision to look and feel their best. There’s no doubt about the fact that how we look, impacts the way we feel.

Our Founder, Alison Brown, has been serving Denver for 15 years. Vitalogy is a local business, staffed by local people, who know and understand the lifestyle of Colorado. Colorado is full of beautiful, health conscious individuals who desire to feel their best on the inside and out. We’d love to help you stay on track with your goals to keep your health and wellness at optimal levels.