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Your smile is one of the first features people notice when looking at you. If you feel a blemished smile is hiding the "real" you, it's time to visit Riverside Dental Care and get a cosmetic dentistry makeover.

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. The team at Riverside Dental Care can make that dream a reality! Specializing in cosmetic and sedation dentistry, we have the experience and the technology to give you that perfect smile, safely and comfortably, with simply amazing results. Cosmetic dentistry at Riverside Dental Care isn't a major operation. It is possible to come to our office for a single appointment or two, and emerge with the smile of your dreams... no pain, no strain, no time taken away from your busy life. The results can be immediate and dramatic.

At Riverside Dental Care we believe a truly beautiful smile begins with healthy teeth and gums. This is why the team at Riverside Dental Care are committed to providing you and your entire family the very best dental care in a compassionate, caring environment.

Visit the professionals at Riverside Dental Care for a consultation. We can use a variety of cosmetic dental techniques to help you achieve a youthful, attractive, natural-looking smile Riverside Dental Care is a premier cosmetic practice in St. George and is ready to assist you with your dental needs.