Olympus Healing Center

Addiction Recovery That Fits Your Lifestyle

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Q About Us

Located at the base of the Olympus Mountain, Olympus Healing Center offers a multi-disciplined experience for those ready to change. We focus on personal growth for recovery and mindful healing. Our broad, evidence-based approach, led by our diverse professionals provides a safe place for clients to discover life balance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve individuals ready to take back control of their life. We offer an array of healing practices to support an individual’s mind, body and soul. We provide a nurturing experience designed to confront each client’s challenges. Our team is comprised of compassionate, experienced professionals deeply invested in our clients’ personal growth. By utilizing innovative approaches, clients will learn how to bring balance to their lives.

Our Vision

Olympus Healing Center strives to help clients restore peace and balance to reach new heights of success.