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Julieta Hernandez, founder of Matrix Spa & Massage, graduated from the Carlos Septien Garcia school in August of 1989 with a degree in Journalism, all of her educational expenses were paid by a Mexican Broadcasting Company named Televisa, where she worked for almost 5 years. As her career as a reporter began to take off, the need to learn English as a second language became very apparent. Once again with the financial support from Televisa, Julieta went to Wyoming to attend Western Wyoming Community College from 1989-1992.


As the time neared for Julieta to return to her home in Mexico, she began working with a doctor in Green River, Wyoming as a translator. This same doctor was in a horrible accident and when Julieta would visit him, she would massage him to help him feel better. After a complete recovery, the Wyoming doctor told Julieta she should become a massage therapist and gave her the $100 application fee and a catalog for a massage school in Colorado, and another in Utah. After a complete analysis of her situation, Julieta decided to take a risk with a new career and contacted Televisa to thank them for all they did for her and quit her job with them to start a new career from the ground up.

In January of 1993 Julieta moved to Utah and lived at the YWCA while attending the Utah College of Massage Therapy (UCMT). She was part of the program that helped young women in transition at the YWCA. When living at the YWCA, and attending UCMT, Julieta would give massages for donations to help support herself while going to school. Two of the ladies that received massages from Julieta at that time continue to be her clients today.

In June of 1993 Julieta graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy. In 2001, Julieta founded Matrix Spa & Massage with the desire to create a place of healing all of her own. Julieta has now been healing for over 20 years. Her client list ranges from CEOs to professional athletes to federal judges.

In 2007, Matrix Spa & Massage was hit with a very serious crisis which could have shut the doors of the business forever. Julieta reached out to the UHCC (Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) and they have helped her in so many ways. They gave her a scholarship to go back to school and learn how to create a business plan. In 2013 they recommended her to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program. This program, with the creation of the accompanying Growth Plan, has revolutionized how Julieta does business at her Spa.

Matrix Spa and Massage is the first spa in SLC, receiving an e2 Certification from SLC Corporation. Julieta has been recognized in SLC Weekly with the Staff Choice Award for “Best Deep-Tissue Masseuse 2007” and “Best Magic Fingers 2012.”
As an active member in the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, she was awarded “Business Women of the Year 2012”.

She has also been awarded “Best Massage” on KSL A-List 2 years in a row (2012/2013).