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Q About Us

Lincare is a leading supplier of respiratory-therapy products and services for patients in the home. In this section of the Lincare website, you can learn more about our extensive suite of products and services, as well as Disease Management Programs aimed at helping patients better manage their conditions. Everywhere we operate, Lincare is working to be a partner in patient care by providing high-quality services and supplies, promoting patient education, and building strong relationships with patients, physicians, families and caregivers.

Shipping policy with respect to certain items:

Applicable to all sale items: unless otherwise agreed to or as required by applicable law or regulation, upon shipment, the responsibility and risk for items purchased transfers to purchaser (FOB shipping point).

Applicable to all items containing lithium batteries: Lithium battery shipping is regulated by the DOT, the FAA and shipping agencies to ensure the safe transportation of these products. In accordance with such regulations, lithium batteries not contained within items are ineligible for overnight shipment. With the purchase of an item containing a lithium battery, we may ship overnight so long as the battery weighs less than 5 kg (net weight).