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The Jacob’s Garage Door Repair team is committed to providing top-notch garage repair services when you need them most. Although we use our garages every day as we go about the business of living, they only stand out in their importance or malfunctions that leave us stranded without essential access into your home–a problem which can be easily fixed by calling on Jacob’s expertise!

Jacob’s Garage Door Service is a local business that offers quality repairs, excellent customer service and competitive prices. We offer the full range of garage door services to satisfy your needs – broken spring repair or replacement; remote reprogramming for old remotes not working properly any more because you’ve replaced them with new ones from us!
We have been in operation since 2003 so give us a call today if you need anything at all related to this topic

Jacob’s garage door repair

Gilbert, AZ 85295
(480) 531-8358


Q Why should I pick Jacobs Garage Door Repair in Gilbert, AZ for my garage needs?

When you're in Gilbert and you think garage door repair, think Jacobs! Our team excels in everything from garage door installation to tackling those tricky repairs. We've built our reputation on quick, reliable service, and our Gilbert community knows we deliver quality every time.

Q I heard a loud snap and now my garage door won't open. What's going on?

Oh no, that sounds like a garage door broken spring repair might be in order. Springs can wear out over time and eventually break. But don't stress! Our skilled team in Gilbert is here to fix it swiftly. It's one of the most common issues we handle.

Q My garage door seems crooked and won't move. What should I do?

Sounds like you're dealing with an off track issue. A garage door off track repair requires professional attention for safety reasons. Jacobs has your back! Just give us a call, and we'll get your door back on track in no time.

Q What if I have a garage door emergency in the middle of the night?

We totally get that garage door problems don't always happen at convenient times. That's why Jacobs offers 24-hour emergency services in Gilbert, AZ. Day or night, when you're in a pinch, we're here for you.

Q How can I ensure my garage door stays in good shape?

Regular maintenance is key. While we're always here for your garage door repair needs, simple checks and routine care can prevent bigger issues down the line. If you're ever unsure, just ring us up in Gilbert. We're always happy to help!