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We are a premier music and art school that specializes in teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds. We offer our services across the Atlanta Metro area. We offer personalized instruction – no cookie cutter lessons here: Each student is taught in a one-on-one environment, where they get personalized attention and feedback to help them progress and excel. Our teachers have the widest range of expertise: We have the most highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable staff available, which allows us to teach any student at their current level of playing. We currently offer private and music group lessons in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Viola, Cello, Brass and Woodwind instruments, as well as Art and Chess lessons.

Our Services:

Art lesson
Music lesson
Chess lessons
Guitar lessons
ukulele lessons
Drums lesson
bass lessons
violin lessons
viola lessons
cello lessons
brass lessons
woodwind lessons


Q How do I schedule my child’s first class?

Call us at 678 404 9484 or fill out the INQUIRY FORM and we’ll gladly help you to get started.
Also, please ensure you have read our STUDIO POLICY  as it should have all information regarding you and your child’s lessons.

Q How do I reschedule missed lessons?

Makeup lessons should be rescheduled directly through the instructor. A lesson must be rescheduled prior to the end of the semester; makeup lessons are not carried over to the following semester, nor will they be credited or refunded. There are two ways to makeup a lesson. You may reschedule a lesson to a different day/time mutually agreed to by the teacher and student. You may also add extra time to a future lesson, as long as the teacher’s schedule allows for it.

Q What is expected notice if I need to re-schedule my lesson?

Teachers will expect that at least a 24-hour notice is given in order to qualify for a makeup lesson. Lessons missed without a proper notice are not required to be refunded or made up, unless the teacher approves of it. A student is also expected to arrive on time for their lesson. A teacher is under no obligation to refund or extend a lesson if the student is late. Lessons that result in a no-show are forfeited by the student and will not be made up. The only exception is a same-day sickness, where we still expect a notice before the lesson time, but is not required to be 24-hours in advance.

Q Can I cancel and reschedule as many lessons as I want to?

No. TWO make ups per semester per student are allowed with 24hr notice. Lessons that were no-shows or cancelled with less than 24hr notice will not be rescheduled and forfeited immediately. Once a student reached his/her two allowed make ups, no more make ups will be given even though the semester might not be over yet.
Fall and Spring semesters run for 19 weeks
Summer semester is 8 weeks

Q How will we be charged for lessons?

We operate on flat rate monthly billing system with tuition being auto-charged on the first of each month. There is also an annual, $30-per-student fee that is billed in August.