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At Ageless Health Institute, you can find relief from symptoms commonly associated with aging, such as muscle loss, insomnia, fatigue, low sexual desire, hair loss, hot flashes, or mood swings. Dr. Honing and his team can also develop a preventive lifestyle plan to ensure you maximize your health and reduce your risk of disease at any age.

Your comprehensive treatment plan at Ageless Health Institute begins with the most advanced diagnostic testing in the industry, assessing multiple parameters of health and function. Your lab results, along with your medical history, symptoms and lifestyle are carefully reviewed and discussed in a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Honing. Time and attention is dedicated to you to fully understand your symptoms and uncover the root cause of your condition or discomfort.

Ageless Health Institute offers cutting-edge therapies in anti-aging medicine, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, and dynamic strategies for achieving lifelong weight loss and addressing aging skin.