The go-to destination for windshield repair in Santa Clara, CA brings you quality service on windshield repairs.

Guardian Windshield Repair, the leading auto glass repair and replacement service provider in San Jose, CA, is on a roll as it has been gaining critical acclaim and rave reviews from its customers. Known for its customer service and professionally trained technicians, the company prides itself on its high-quality auto glass services at competitive prices. A family-owned and operated company that understands the risks of compromised auto glass, Guardian Windshield Repair offers excellent mobile service throughout Santa Clara County and its surrounding areas.

Guardian Windshield Repair is dedicated to ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe on the road. The company would rather be honest with you, even if that means losing the business than stretch the truth and make a quick buck. Your life is too precious to sacrifice for profit.

When windshield glass is damaged, cracks can quickly spread throughout the entire piece, compromising its integrity. This type of damage is often caused by multiple rock chips or deep cracks from gravel on the road or collision damage; such windshield replacements have always been considered time-consuming. However, when left alone, the damage can and will degrade the integrity of the glass to a point that it is more likely to shatter or crack an impairment.

Guardian Windshield Repair can quickly point out glass damages and ensure a streamlined windshield replacement and repair to keep passengers safe. A company technician states, “The auto glass replacement and repair staff in Santa Clara has years of combined experience and we take every job seriously because lives depend on it.” Our expert technicians not only thoroughly check the windshield to identify the best way to repair the damage, but they also take the time to educate clients on frequent vehicle glass problems.

Guardian Windshield Repair stresses that at times, repairing a cracked windshield is more cost-effective than replacing it, which means people can take advantage of minor damage repairs right on the spot or at their desired location by connecting with the Guardian Windshield Repair team. A company representative said, “although we do most of our work at our well-stocked vehicle glass repair shop, we also provide mobile repair services. Our mobile services also include a $50 non-refundable service fee that must be paid in advance in addition to the repair and replacement price.”

Guardian Windshield Repair offers a variety of services, including Windshield Repair, Window Replacement, Rock Chip Repair, Long Crack Repair, Headlight Restoration, Glass Crack Repair, and Mobile Windshield Repair. Guardian Windshield also offers a windshield protection film that provides extra protection to a windshield from rocks that would normally cause large cracks at a minimum.

About Guardian Windshield Repair

At Guardian Windshield Repair, we have one job. Treat every customer like family. Customer service is #1. From the first phone call to completing your glass repair, exterior trim restoration, headlight restoration, or rock chip prevention coating, you will be up to date on arrival times and repair expectations. Our attention to detail, experience, and professionalism sets us apart from our competitors. Our repair technicians are fully certified glass repair experts using world-class equipment and resins. We promise that you will never need another glass or plastic restoration company.