In their latest blog post, GreenLight Roofing and Remodeling has developed a list of roof care tips for the summer season.

The owner, mentions severe summer storms as one of the biggest enemies of a roof, adding that strong winds, heavy rains, and hail can spell disaster for the roof.

The blog post explains how the unrelenting sun can degrade shingles and paint on the eaves or soffits, advising homeowners to maintain the roof’s integrity to protect it against the vagaries of the weather. It also discusses ways to maintain the roof and avoid costly repairs. According to the blog post, the most important way to keep a roof’s integrity is to clean gutters, remove leaves and debris, and waterproof the house.

Debris in gutters can cause extensive water damage. The #1 roofer inTexas asserts the need for checking the roof for cracks that could be an open invitation to water to enter the house after a severe weather event, harping on the importance of roofing inspection and sealing all vents before the storm season.

Another important way to prevent roof damage is to check large trees in the vicinity of the property and trim overhanging branches. The top Texas roofer for storm damage finds that anything that hangs over the roof poses a significant threat and leaves the roof vulnerable to substantial damage.

“Weak or diseased trees can break or become uprooted in heavy winds, so you need to inspect trees near your house to ensure they’re healthy. Look for signs that your trees are under stress. Deformed or dropped leaves, missing bark, dead limbs, and withered branches are all indications your tree is suffering,” warns the owner.

A professional has the experience and resources to identify indications that the tree might not withstand heavy winds or storms.

GreenLight Roofing and Remodeling is the top roofing company in Fort Worth, TX with decades of experience in roof replacements and repairs. The blog post advises homeowners to buy some tarps before the storm season to be prepared to make temporary repairs to prevent further damage after a storm.

A roof inspection is crucial to spot any damages from the storm. Fort Worth, Texas’ experienced local roofing company knows what to do after a storm. They are experts in thoroughly inspecting the property for damages and addressing any issues. The blog post advises homeowners to check the roof for any visible damage signs. Missing or damaged shingles are one example of wind and rain penetrating the roof.

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